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Meet GiveForward

GiveForward provides people with online fundraising pages to raise money for their loved one’s out-of-pocket medical expenses. In essence, we help people answer the question everyone asks when a loved…

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Meet SoMoLend

SoMoLend connects business owners seeking capital with investors looking to invest in their community and make a better return than in traditional markets. SoMoLend allows investors to tailor their investment…

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The Brandery is Now Accepting Applications!

If you’re consumer focused, you must be brand focused. Apply for a 14-week program that includes 20K in financing as well as access to the partners, mentors and resources typically…

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Meet Speak Easy Indy

The Speak Easy is a place for Indianapolis-based entrepreneurs, startups, and the folks who support them to work, play, and collaborate. At heart, we are a clubhouse for entrepreneurs, designers,…

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