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GreenLancer Closes Series B, $5 Million Capital Raise

Detroit-based solar design and permitting company GreenLancer just completed a capital raise of $5 Million to close their Series B Financing on April 1, 2015. The investment came from a…

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downtown-710313_1920 downtown-710313_1920" alt="" />

The Mobile Majority is On the Move

Mobile marketing platform, The Mobile Majority rolled in to TechWeek Detroit last week ready to talk mobile marketing and showcase their rapid growth in the hot space. The company is…

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5305cdc7e9a3ea2959bcf042be63933a_400x400 5305cdc7e9a3ea2959bcf042be63933a_400x400" alt="" />

Meet App Press- Design-First Mobile App Authoring

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana—December 15, 2014—App Press® announced that it has completed a fully subscribed seed investment round from a nationwide coalition of investors to transform enterprise and consumer mobility through a new method…

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cincinnati_skyline-01 cincinnati_skyline-01" alt="" />

Cincinnati Based WorkFlex Launches Self-Service Mobile Apps

WorkFlex Solutions LLC (“WorkFlex”), the industry leader in Intelligent Intraday Automation® solutions for contact centers announced today the release of new iPhone and Android apps for their Intelligent Agent-Self-Service product…

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Purdue-3 Purdue-3" alt="" />

Purdue Research Lab Launches Free App

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – A free, no-ads mobile app called Estar that has been launched by Mobile Enerlytics LLC on Google Play provides smartphone owners with a tool that shows…

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RAPID_2014 RAPID_2014" alt="" />

Hollywood and 3D printing Come to Detroit

(DEARBORN, Mich., May 12, 2014) – SME’s 2014 RAPID Conference & Exposition will bring the intersection of Hollywood and 3D printing and scanning to the stage via a newly announced…

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The M@dison Bldg. in Detroit The M@dison Bldg. in Detroit" alt="" />

BoostUp Joins Detroit’s M@dison

DETROIT, Oct. 22, 2013 – Saving money toward your goals just became a whole lot easier thanks to a new tech start-up based in downtown Detroit’s M@dison Block. BoostUp (www.boostup.com)…

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launchhouse_cleveland launchhouse_cleveland" alt="" />

Q&A with LaunchHouse

There are several really amazing startup accelerator programs in and around the Cleveland, Ohio area.  I recently had the pleasure of interviewing some of the staff at the Shaker Heights…

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Vincent Palko illustrates Like a Boss! Vincent Palko illustrates Like a Boss!" alt="" />

Meet Toledo based AdToons

Contributor: Natalie Wood If you’re old enough to remember the awesomeness that was Saturday morning cartoons, then you can appreciate the time and talent it took to create the weekly…

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Pinoccio device labeled Pinoccio device labeled" alt="" />

Meet Ann Arbor’s Pinoccio

Hail to the Victors! Ann-Arbor based startup scores big with newest product! The Ann-Arbor based Pinoccio is a startup company that recently released its most innovative and cutting edge product…

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